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Published on Friday, 06 July 2018 02:20
最近有些听众反映不能注册,从而不能下载Learning guides,我们已经解决了注册的问题,请重新尝试注册,如果有任何问题,请联系我们,我们会帮助你解决。
Recently, some users are not able to register, so that they can not download the learning guides. The good news is, we have already fixed the issue, now you should be able to register without any issues. Please give a try and let us know if you still have any issues or difficulties, we will help you out.
当你初次注册后,我们会给你发送一个电子邮件,你需要点击电子邮件中的链接,激活你的帐号,完成注册,然后,你就可以登录我们的网站,下载Learning Guides了。所以,你必须使用正确的email地址,否则,你不可能收到激活账号的邮件。另外,有些听众表示,没有收到email,如果你使用了正确的email地址,请查看你的垃圾邮件箱,有可能你的email服务器将这样的激活邮件误当作垃圾邮件了,如果你查看垃圾邮件箱还是没有收到,也请联系我们,我们会帮助你解决。
Once you register online, we will send you a welcome email which includes a hyperlink, you should click on it to activate your account. After activation, you are able to log in and download the learning guides. Therefore, you have to use the correct email address, otherwise, you will not receive the activation email. Some users contact us, say they still do not receive such an email, in that case, please check your spam folder, the email server may put the email into that folder accidentally. If you still can not find out the email there, please contact us right away, we will help you out.
In addition, we are on Twitter now, if you are using Twitter as well, please follow us on, you will see the more useful information.
Thank you very much for your support!