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  • 你怎么过周末?
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)错 2)错 3)对 4)对 B. 1)偶尔 2)可惜 3)相反 4)单调 5)过 C. 1)你有什么安排? 2)我打算去超市买东西。 3)这个周末我想带父母去河边钓鱼。


  • 国潮
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)对 2)对 3)对 4)对 B. 1)认可 2)融合 3)回顾 4)某 5)局限


  • 我们的新房子
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)错 2)错 3)对 4)错 B. 1)小心 2)听说 3)迎接 4)当然 5)搬家 C. 1)我来参观你的新房子。 2)墙上的中国画儿真好看。 3)卫生间在我的卧室对面。


  • 闰月
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)错 2)错 3)对 B. 1)农历 2)运转 3)节气 4)历法 5)协调


  • 万圣节
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)错 2)对 3)错 4)错 B. 1)除了 2)期待 3)采购 4)排队 5)好办 C. 1)我期待了很长时间。 2)我已经列了购物清单。 3)我准备了一套公主的衣服。



We will broadcast Chinese podcasts on a regular basis. At the beginning, we will update our podcasts at least 3 times a week. We are targeting those students who have already studied Chinese and would like to continue improving, or those who have already learned Chinese as a second language and want to learn more Chinese culture. We have designed our podcasts to teach Chinese by introducing Chinese culture to our students. We are not only teaching our students about Chinese, but also teaching them how to think in Chinese and how to express themselves in Chinese under the real circumstances.


We will take the necessity into consideration that provides different podcasts for different students at different levels. We plan to develop many new lessons according to your requirements. Please email us and tell us what you would like to learn and what you enjoy learning.


With each new podcast, we will provide a learning guidance to help our students to understand the podcast better, and please make full use of the advantage to learn Chinese with imandarinpod.com. The learning guidances are in PDF format, which consists of a transcript, definitions, some examples of vocabulary and grammar review, and cultural notes and tips on improving your Chinese. We are sure that the guidances will be of help when you listen to iMandarinPod Chinese podcasts. Our Chinese podcasts are free to everyone who loves and desires to learn more Chinese language and culture.


iMandarinPod also provides private lessons and group lessons. A private lesson is good for people who want to learn Chinese more systematically, especially for those who want to attain native fluency in spoken Chinese. We will make use of the internet to conduct lessons so that you don't need to leave your home and office to attend the private, personal lessons. It is also a great savings of time and money! In addition, the private lessons are customized to meet your own requirements. It is an on-demand service, and it is only just for you!


For the small group lessons, we recommend 2 to 4 students at most. This is a great opportunity for students to practice speaking with their classmates under the supervision of an experienced, professionally trained, native Chinese teacher. Participants are evaluated to ensure that they are all at the same level. We also provide classroom-based lessons. Currently, these lessons are available in Tianjin City, China only. We welcome partners all over the world to contact us, and we can provide service in different countries. We would like to definitely investigate any feasible opportunity and we are looking forward to working together with our foreign partners on classroom based on instructions.


We will continue to enhance our service and provide more in the future and stay harmonious.



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